Fiordland National Park Honeymoon Packages

Fiordland National Park Honeymoon Packages in New Zealand

New Zealand offers unparalleled romantic experiences. Walk hand in hand over landscapes seldom visited by humans; helicopter into captivating wilderness areas; and indulge in luxurious lodge accommodations as part of your New Zealand Honeymoon Package.

Enjoy spectacular Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound cruises as well as legendary hiking trails in this expansive national park, for an incredible adventure!

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Nature-loving couples will find nothing more captivating than New Zealand’s spectacular fiords to be truly breathtaking. From exploring these magnificent waters on cruise, hiking iconic trails or discovering ancient rainforests – nothing can top the incredible experiences to be had here. And with its picturesque beaches, rugged landscapes and laidback local vibe, Fiordland provides a tranquil honeymoon destination.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts some of the country’s most breathtaking natural scenery, from otherworldly glacial lakes to rugged granite peaks and breathtaking hiking trails with hidden waterfalls and otherworldly wilderness scenery to traversing through dense moss-laden forests and fern-covered peaks.

Fiordland National Park is an unparalleled birding hotspot, home to 60 percent of Australia’s bird species – such as the flightless takahe which can only be found here, Percnodaimon pluto, black mountain ringlet Percnodaimon pluto, Galaxias argenteus giant kokopu Galaxias and many others.

Hike Three of New Zealand’s Great Walks

New Zealand offers world-class hiking trails that offer the ideal escape on your honeymoon, providing the chance to immerse yourself in nature and find true bliss in nature. Ranging from fjords and glaciers, mountains, lakes and forests these hikes have something different in store each day and it should be simple for you and your partner to find their perfect hiking path together.

Milford Track, Routeburn Track or Kepler Track hikes will leave you in awe as they wind their way through this stunning natural environment. From lush forests and breathtaking ridgelines to alpine meadows and crystal clear lakes – each day’s hike on any of these tracks provides you with new scenery as the sun moves across mountain peaks into fiords, creating spectacular scenes around every bend in the path.

Skim through stunning mountain ridges and glacier-carved valleys of New Zealand’s Milford Track for one of the world’s most picturesque hikes, wandering ancient forests adorned with ferns, mosses, shrubs – keeping an ear open for native birds such as colorful kiwis – before taking the Kepler Track that showcases all its splendor of Fiordland National Park with its lush mossy forest full of bird song and breathtaking mountain vistas – best visited during winter when there will be less tourists crowding its icy lakes and snowcapped mountain backdrops!

Take a Bespoke Cruise

Submerge yourself in nature’s captivating fjords, rainforests and mountains on your New Zealand Honeymoon Package. Admire its picturesque fjords, rainforests and mountains while spending time with its wonderful fauna such as New Zealand fur seals lounging on rocks to mischievous kea birds (flightless birds loved by children). Sample delicious wines at award-winning vineyards before exploring its unspoilt wilderness via boat or helicopter!

Fiordland National Park offers visitors a breathtaking experience. Home to 14 distinct fiords and an abundance of natural treasures, Fiordland is sure to inspire and amaze. According to Maori legend, Tu-te-raki-whanoa created this region as his work of art – it certainly shows.

Take a scenic cruise through Milford Sound, an expansive fjord teeming with towering peaks and dense forests. Glide through its still waters while admiring Mitre Peak, Stirling Falls, and other iconic landmarks that dot its landscape.

Fiordland National Park should be included on any New Zealand honeymoon itinerary, and can be reached via bus, plane, or helicopter. A helicopter offers the ultimate viewing experience; offering panoramic views from above of its beautiful scenery.

Fiordland National Park can be visited year-round; the best time depends on your priorities. For those hoping to save on airfare and accommodation costs, January, February, or October are good months as they feature low crowds and beautiful weather conditions.

Experience the Wilderness

This UNESCO World Heritage Site features an incredible diversity of landscapes – from lush forests to alpine meadows and glacially-carved valleys – making it a photographer’s paradise. Capture an inquisitive gaze from an alpine parrot such as a Kea as it perches on a branch; frame elegant glide of an albatross against an endless sky; zoom in close on adorable face of Fiordland crested penguin as they waddle along rocky shorelines… and capture moments like these at any one UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Experience New Zealand like never before by traversing this remote wilderness on your honeymoon trip. Walk hand-in-hand across landscapes that see few visitors. Helicopter to breathtaking backcountry wilderness areas. Be welcomed by Maori people. And soak up private spa services at lodges that reflect their surroundings.

Fiordland National Park offers nature lovers an unforgettable honeymoon retreat, from sailing the iconic Milford and Doubtful Sounds, hiking renowned trails, and exploring ancient rainforests to taking scenic flights over this remarkable fjord region from above on scenic flights – it will leave them breathless with its jaw-dropping landscape and astounding natural beauty. When engaging with wildlife or taking pictures remember to maintain a respectful distance so as to not disturb it!